It’s alive ! Keemix is now in Beta.

This post is the first on our new blog. Expect to see here more details on Keemix features, tutorials, news about the team, our views on curation etc..

But first, let’s celebrate : It’s with great pleasure that Keemix is finally revealed to the public in a beta version. It’s ALIVE !

We spent months testing our product with our Alpha users, gathering a lot of great feedback and fine-tuning our features.

A bunch of new features were added, including :

  • All pages are now public, publishers can share their mixes with anybody
  • A brand new homepage displaying featured mixes and mixers
  • Collaboration ! You can now add publishers to a mix and collaborate. You can even create private mixes to collaborate with friends/coworkers/teams..
  • Edit your mix design and layout.  Some examples of customized mixes : Diablo 3, UX Design, Musical Discoveries, Sandra Nkaké etc..
  • Receive notifications by mail.
  • “Vanity URLs”. Get your own profile URL.
  • New types of objects : we added a bunch of new supported platforms, and even new objects. For example, you can now capture any embed from
  • And a lot more ! We’ll detail all that in later posts.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts, we appreciate all feedbacks ! Go to our feedback page, or send a direct mail to :

Good luck, have fun, and let’s mix !